River Hills Economic Development District & Regional Planning Commission

Through its responsiveness to the needs and desires of local governmental units, the Commission has become an integral part of a large number of the District's economic development and community development projects and programs.


Serving the Indiana Counties of: Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott, and Washington


River Hills is a regional community and economic development organization covering the Southern Indiana Counties of:  Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington.  It was formed in 1974 as a multi-county governmental agency (Regional Planning Commission) under Indiana Code 36-7-7.  River Hills is also an Economic Development District (EDD) as designated by the U.S. Department of Commerce – Economic Development Administration (EDA).


As an EDD and RPC, River Hills provides a variety of services to assist with community and economic development in the region.  As an EDD, River Hills is responsible for producing a Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) for the region.  The CEDS analyzes the economy of the region and outlines regional goals and actions to improve it.  As a part of the CEDS process, River Hills asks communities to complete a “Needs Assessment” annually identifying projects the community believes are most needed.  River Hills assists local governments with project development through consulting services and technical assistance.


River Hills provides expertise in grant acquisition and administration to local governments ensuring, State and Federal regulations are followed.  It also offers grant services to non-profit entities in the region and can apply for grants itself.  River Hills serves as a depository for the most recent census information and has agreements with the Indiana Department of Transportation and the Indiana Department of Homeland Security to provide services needed by the State and Federal Governments.


River Hills funding comes from several sources:  EDA Grant, City, Town and County Contributions, Service Contracts and other contracts.  In return, River Hills has secured over $139 million in state and federal grants since 1990.





River Hills serves the Southern Indiana counties of:  Clark, Floyd, Harrison, Scott and Washington.  Within the five counties there are 33 local units of government with a total population of 278,773.




River Hills Economic Development District

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